Oprettet 13. juni 2022

Dalmantiner, hvalpe, 7 uger , salgklar ca. 6 mnd.

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Puppies was born. on May 11/12, 2022 at kennel "MANO AIDAS" (en: my eco). 7 girls and 10 boys.
IT CAN ALREADY BE BOOKED! Puppies will be able to travel to new homes in end of July or later, it depends on to whitch country, when they will be fully vaccinated, chipped, with documents of fci origin, and socialized. We will help with traveling.
Dad is very gentlemanly, with a perfect physique, with good genes, all the obligatory tests have been done in Lithuania, he has participated in shows and has achieved achievements: Lithuanian youth champion, Lithuanian adult champion.
Mother is very loving, friendly, elegant with good genes, she has also done all the obligatory tests in Lithuania, participated in exhibitions and has achieved achievements: Lithuanian youth champion, Estonian youth champion, Latvian youth champion, Baltic youth champion, Lithuanian adult champion. For more info call the numbers listed, you can also follow us on the feisbook page: Dalmatian kannel Lithuania - Mano Aidas. Price 1000-1500euro + traveling cost (about 150-250eur).

Racer: Dalmantiner
Alder: 7 uger
Type: Hvalpe
Salgsklar pr.: Ca. 6 mnd.

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Dalmatiner 11000 kr.

Dalmatiner hvalpe

Kennel Tussefryds Bella Babett og Spotdogs Freaky Friday, er blevet forældre til 10 skønne hvalpe. Vi har enkelte hanner som mangler en ny familie. Hvalpene er født d.4/6. De sælges med sundhedsattest...

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Dalmatiner 10000 kr.


Bliver desværre nød til at sælge disse 4 dalmatiner hvalpe på grund af flyttelse. De sælges for 10000kr. stk. de er alle hanhunde med ormekur, vaccination og chip. De har vaccinationsbog men ikke stam...

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